About Anita.


Born in Guernsey, I grew up on a farm with cattle not sheep, but learnt to knit from an early age with my Mother and Grandmother knitting Traditional "Guernseys" this gave me a deep love of wool. I am married to Patrick from Co. Kilkenny, Ireland which is where we now live in the beautiful countryside.  Moving here allowed me to develop my love of fleece and discover silk and cashmere  expanding this into Felting & Spinning which I both adore. Designing & Creating has become a passion with Hats as my speciality.  I explore the use of natural fibers to merge and entwine. Hence my tag Fiber Fusion and I am always amazed at the final result.

Seasons have a major roll in my work, especially the colours and textures which are produced all around with the changing moods of the year.  Different objects i.e. walls, flowers, trees, the Sea and sky will all provoke a vision to include.